My name is Molly Warrington and I live in East Anglia, UK. 'Seeking Space' encapsulates the essence of my photography. As a geographer, I think about the spaces and places around me. Through my photography I seek space in which to express myself, space where I can leave behind the tensions and stresses of daily life, space to be me.

Over the last four years photography has become a passion, and during that time I have taken thousands of photos across a range of genres. Most of all, though, I am drawn to landscape photography, especially to water within the landscape, and also to the architecture of sacred buildings. Looking into the smaller spaces of these different kinds of landscape, both natural and constructed, I find so many different shapes, patterns and textures and this is where I am currently developing my creativity, whether through the medium of colour or through monochrome images. I enjoy, for example, portraying symmetry, leading lines and reflections in both landscape and portrait orientations.

My portfolio reflects firstly my primary interest in Pattern Shape and Texture, but I have also been fortunate in having opportunities to travel to different parts of the world in recent years, both through work and for pleasure. Hence, although much of my photography takes place in the UK, and mainly across East Anglia, I also include a Travel section, displaying selections of photographs from places I have visited recently.