Photography enables me to seek space in which to express myself, space where I can leave behind the tensions and stresses of daily life, space to be me.

I have taken thousands of photos across a range of genres, though my passion is for landscape photography. I am drawn especially to water, to trees and to the architecture of sacred buildings. Looking into the smaller spaces of different kinds of landscape, both natural and constructed, I find so many different shapes, patterns and textures and this is where I enjoy developing my creativity, whether through colour or through monochrome images. I enjoy, for example, portraying symmetry, leading lines and reflections. The first folder in my portfolio therefore reflects this primary interest in Pattern Shape and Texture, and contains photographs from a variety of places.

Much of my photography takes place in the UK, and particularly in different parts of East Anglia, where I live. This has been especially true during the months of the pandemic, when movement was restricted, and so I include a folder of recent photos taken within the vicinity of my home. There is also a Travel folder, with selections of photographs taken in some of the countries I have been fortunate enough to visit.